Weight Loss and Nutrition – Proper Nutrition For Desired Weight Loss Part I  

An effective weight loss program begins with proper nutrition. Most people believe that restricting nutritious calories will somehow lead to their desired weight loss. But this is not only dangerous to your body but have proven to be untrue.

So what is so important about nutrition, and how does it relate to weight loss? Well the answer to this question can be answered in very simple terms. If you feed your body the proper nutrition, you will feel for the longer, and will be less likely to overeat. Proper nutrition also fuels your metabolism. If you eat the right foods at the right times your metabolism will increase and your body will become more efficient at burning fat.

Let’s look at the five basic components of food recently. The five basic components of food are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. All are needed in order to provide your body with proper Carbohydrates

Ford containing carbohydrates are potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Starchy foods and sugar are converted by the body into glucose, and this is the body’s main fuel source. Foods that are derived from plants are the best source of carbohydrates, because the body takes some time to break down the starch into glucose and this prevents your body’s sugar level from spiking or dropping to dramatically. Eating highly refined foods usually converts to glucose to quickly in the bloodstream and this can lead to an over active or worn out pancreas, which can lead to diabetes. An additional benefit of deriving your carbohydrates from plant-based foods is the fact that these foods are usually high in fiber. Fiber is a bulking agent which helps to keep the undigested food in the interest constantly on the move. And this will prevent constipation and other gastric issues.

For containing proteins are legumes, nuts and whole grains. These proteins are broken down by the body and are converted to amino acids. Amino acids are the building material and structure for the cells in the body.

Foods containing facts are nuts, and some vegetables. Fats are a form of concentrated energy and can give over twice as many calories per gram than carbohydrates. Facts are usually stored throughout the body for later use. The three natural occurring types of fats are saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated. The most healthy S. fats are the unsaturated fats and these are usually derived from plant sources. Numerous diseases are caused as a result of consuming too much saturated fats.

All plant-based foods contains vitamins and minerals of one kind or another from from vitamins A to zinc. Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of our diet and they play a key role in keeping us healthy by boosting our immune systems.

In order for us to use nutrition to our benefit, in losing weight it is important that we know what these components of foods are and what they do, with this information we are better armed to use nutrition to our advantage.

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